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Keep Current with Cloud

Learn how cloud enables both of these with it’s “always current” methodology, and how that enables you to focus on your business not the background technology.

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Compliance & Regulatory

Gain an understanding of Compliance in the Cloud across a number of different industries, such as Government Contracts and Life Sciences to help you plan on if a cloud deployment might be right for you in the future.

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Align Business Strategy

Gain an understanding of how Cloud can enable global business growth and the options that are available to support organic and/ or acquisition growth (or divesture) how staying current on technology provides both security and productivity benefits over time.

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ROI Benefit of Cloud Vs. On-Premises

In this session we’ll explore the tactical and strategic aspects, examine a tool you can use to collect TCO and gain an understanding of some business drivers.

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Anywhere, Anytime Alignment

The last few years have forced all of us to rethink the way we live and work. One of the most common changes businesses have faced is a shift to working from home. But this option may not be feasible for every role in a manufacturing business.

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