Whether orders are entered at the counter, remotely via a mobile device or laptop, or online by the customer, with the Order Management solution, information goes directly into your system for fast order processing. With the built-in ability to suggest accessory items and substitutions, you can grow your margins and add value for your customers.

“…We can check an order history without having to pull files. Everybody was scared at the beginning of the Prophet 21 implementation—then they then they saw how much easier it made their jobs. Now they would never go back!”

Tammy Brooks
Systems Administrator | Gericare Medical Supply, Inc.

Epicor Manifest Shipping Software

Epicor Manifest shipping software processes shipping transactions seamlessly by communicating with carriers, calculating freight amounts, and printing carrier labels—all within your Prophet 21 solution.

Customer Relationship Management

Prophet 21 CRM streamlines the order management process with features that allow you to:

  • Track prospect and client information
  • Integrate contacts with fax and e-mail
  • Prepare labels and envelopes
  • Generate targeted mailing lists
  • Create and follow up on tasks
  • Look up customers in multiple ways
  • Access key information from one screen

“With Prophet 21, we can now open up our customer database, use the CRM module, and be able to really drive growth by expanding on our customer relationships and making sure we’re giving the finest customer service, because that’s what we think drives growth in our business.”

Doug Root
President | Atlanta Light Bulbs

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