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How Epicor Kinetic Helps Virtek Vision Grow and Thrive

Deploying cloud ERP to build efficiencies in inventory, hardware manufacturing, and supply chain management.

June 06, 2024

Successful, streamlined inventory management is a cornerstone of any manufacturing business. Knowing what you have at all times keeps you one step ahead of customer demand, allowing you to manage resources and expenses while focusing on your company’s core mission and goals.

For Virtek Vision, a 37-year-old manufacturer of laser projectors based in Waterloo, Ontario, the need for an inventory system that could keep pace with their precision-driven, high-tech customers led them to explore new manufacturing ERP solutions. The industries that Virtek Vision serves, including those in the complex aerospace sector, demand engineering knowledge, maximum efficiency, and immediate access to the big picture of all processes.

The first step for Virtek Vision was finding a multifaceted ERP solution that could save the company both time and money by automating elements that once required hours, or even days, of manual input. Virtek Vision ultimately chose Epicor Kinetic, a cloud-based ERP solution, for its ability to build efficiencies in inventory, hardware manufacturing, work orders, scheduling, and supply chain management.

Working with Six S Partners, an Epicor Platinum Elite Partner, Virtek Vision implemented Kinetic and went live in spring of 2023, and immediately noticed a difference in error reduction, resource allocation, and big-picture visibility throughout the company. To learn more about how Kinetic helped Virtk Vision grow and thrive, read the full story here.