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How to Transform Your Retail Business with Mobile Tools

Mobile access helps you work smarter, faster, and leaner in changing markets

May 04, 2023


Elevate the Retail Experience

It’s no secret that mobile devices have become integral to our working and personal lives. Mobile devices increasingly enable businesses to operate more efficiently, grow faster, and serve customers better. Retailers are also realizing the value of mobile technologies to help alleviate labor shortage issues during volatile economic times.

Of course, as the use of mobile devices in retail has become commonplace, customer expectations surrounding this technology have risen too. With high quality standards and familiarity with fast access to information, today’s shoppers assume efficiency, accuracy, and easy purchase options are a given during their daily buying experience.  Retailers need to help ensure that employees can access their business system instantly—giving customers the inventory updates, pricing, ordering information, and stellar service they require.

Mobile Access to Your Retail Management System(RMS)  

A point of sale (POS) or RMS that helps provide mobile access helps you meet customer challenges, exceed expectations, and drive results. We’ll explore the different ways mobile access can help you deliver the best possible service to your customers, improve operational efficiencies, and empower your employees to work smarter and faster.

Giving Customers What They Want, When They Want it (Hint: Instantly)

Price and stocking information available in real-time

Customer service is the key differentiator for retailers everywhere. Giving your customers accurate information on demand, while quickly responding to their needs, is essential in today’s fast-moving marketplace. When employees can access secure, up-to-the-minute stock and pricing information from their mobile devices, they can serve customers quickly and efficiently—without having to leave the conversation to go find information. Whether it’s answering questions in the aisles or checking a price at an outdoor display, retailers can leverage the mobile capabilities that help turn first-time browsers into long-time customers.

Faster, more convenient checkout

Mobile functionality unleashes the power of “shop anywhere” and enables your employees to bring the POS to your customers. Your employees will be able to initiate and complete transactions using a Windows tablet with a Wi-Fi or mobile wireless connection, as well as look up inventory, customer, and loyalty information. They’ll be empowered to build on the checkout experience by fulfilling loyalty rewards and recommending complementary products.

Grow your business wherever your shoppers are

With more satisfied buyers and fewer abandoned baskets, you'll enjoy greater revenues and more repeat customers.

Those who currently use Mobile POS are expecting 34% higher sales and 221% higher profits for 2022 than average retailers. “IHL Group Report: Challenges and Opportunities – Unified Commerce for Independent Hardgoods Retailers.”  IHL Group, January 4, 2023

Make Faster, On-The-Fly Business Decisions

As the pace of business accelerates, the ability to make decisions quickly often means the difference between winning and losing additional sales. Retailers who have access to their data throughout the day—whether in-store or out in the field—have a competitive advantage. They are in a better and more informed position to prevent business disasters before they happen, and to proactively manage the growth and development of their organization.

Track the health of your business from your mobile device

When concerns arise, without the ability to monitor your business throughout the day via your mobile device, reaction times are slow—and small issues can quickly turn into big ones. Mobile functionality integrated with your POS or retail management system allows you to receive automated alerts on your mobile device when anything out of the ordinary occurs—helping you stop problems before they start.

Access key metrics

Key metrics, such as gross profit (GP) and receivables, are no longer data points reviewed at the end of the day. Mobile helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your business, easily tracking GP and sales data wherever you are, whenever you want.

Enhance Productivity with the Right Tools

While providing front-end customer service through mobile functionality is a key differentiator among retailers, extending that functionality to employee tasks takes business operations to a new level of efficiency. Do you have your employees going in circles between a workstation, store aisles, loading dock, and storage room? Mobile access allows your employees to stop running and start getting down to business. With the right mobile modules—integrated into your retail management system—everyday tasks like receiving, printing labels, and cycle counting require a lot less back and forth. This frees up your employees to devote more time to building a loyal customer base.

Your Business, in the Palm of Your Hand

Having the right mobile access to your retail management system can help propel your business forward into the future of retail—differentiating your level of customer service, improving operational efficiency, and helping you make better decisions, faster.

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