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Eliminate the Pain of Backorders and Lost Sales by Using SmartForecasts™

Make-to-Order manufacturers grapple with daily challenges, from navigating supply chain complexities to meeting diverse customer demands and overcoming in-house hurdles. In response to these challenges, businesses are increasingly exploring solutions that go beyond traditional approaches. Accurate forecasting of sales trends, seasonality, and event-driven demand is emerging as a key strategy.

Are You Facing Challenges Like: 

  • Inaccurate forecasts and mistaken predictions? 
  • Spending too much time classifying and configuring forecasting rules? 
  • Difficulty comparing statistical, customer and sales forecasts? 

SmartForecasts™ for Epicor Kinetic ERP: 

SmartForecasts™ is a statistical forecasting solution—it's a game-changer for your business. Imagine minimizing backorders and lost sales, optimizing inventory planning to unprecedented levels, and achieving a remarkable return on investment. Our solution revolutionizes sales planning, budgeting, production schedule, order, and inventory management.  

Watch to Learn More

Discover the transformative power of SmartForecasts™ during this focused, 30-minute presentation. Realize your business benefit with efficient forecasting and the ability to make informed decisions for sales and operations planning.


“SmartForecasts has been very useful. We’ve gone from forecasting our slow-moving items by hand with poor results to automatically generating highly accurate stocking level estimates. During a time of sales growth, we’ve been able to reduce finished goods inventory by 4%, and decrease late shipments from 16% to 30%” – Purchasing Manager, Bedoukian Research. 

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