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Unified DaaS: Our Data Integration Revolution!

Our integration model is a beacon of API-first technology that both offers and utilizes Data as a Service. While we excel in delivering traditional DaaS, like parts information to our Automotive Aftermarket clientele, our integration model is redefining cloud-based DaaS for the modern era. This model not only enables easy integration of any data service you choose into your Epicor system but also facilitates robust data exchanges between Epicor products. Furthermore, you can turn your data into a profitable asset, securely delivering it as a service to your customers. Our integration model addresses these decades-old challenges:

  • Supply chain visibility
  • Composable industry solutions integration with outside apps
  • Unified operations across varied business units
  • System integration stability
  • Business health monitoring
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Building Blocks of the Epicor Integration Model

High Throughput Conduit

Epicor Data Fabric, powered by Confluent Kafka, seamlessly links Epicor-to-Epicor products across business units, companies, and industries. It provides the event streaming platform that allows you to collect, integrate, and share data from heterogeneous sources. It's also the transit for data to and from Epicor Connected Services.

Modular Flexibility

Epicor Connected Services, a keystone of our integration model, provides a suite of composable modules tailored for diverse organizational needs. Businesses can handpick features across operations, finance, security, sales and marketing, and enterprise management, ensuring alignment with their industry-specific requirements.

Industry-Leading iPaaS

Epicor Automation Studio, an integral part of our integration model and powered by Workato, is a low-code Integration-Platform-as-a-Service that automates data interactions with outside apps and platforms. Utilizing Epicor connectors through REST APIs, it ensures smooth data interchange. This cloud-based solution makes it easy to define data transformations using a vast library of connectors along with pre-built “recipes” and handles error monitoring for you.

Powerful Data Insights

The Epicor Data Platform, featuring the embedded Grow BI solution, aggregates, transforms and visualizes data from across the enterprise. It seamlessly imports data from your Epicor application and diverse outside data sources via APIs that continually update and refresh data. You get current and reliable metrics when your managers need to make critical business decisions.


Data as a Service in Production Environments

In this eBook, Kerrie Jordan, Epicor Group VP, Product Management, discusses how manufacturers can use data as a service technologies to make their production environments more flexible, efficient, and scalable.

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