Epicor Business Consulting Services

In order to survive today's economic pressures, you must perform at optimal levels. Whether you’re looking to execute a near flawless operation or quantifiably out-pace your competition, Epicor Business Consulting Services can help.

Business Process Re-engineering

Investing in new technology to overcome business obstacles is pointless unless you are willing to re-evaluate your existing business processes in conjunction with the application of that technology. In addition, many distributors continue to engage in antiquated and wasteful processes that do not add value to the business, simply because "that's the way things have always been done."

Epicor Business Consultants engage with hundreds of organizations every year and have a clear understanding of industry best practices. In addition to rolling out standard operating procedures and implementing process improvement, the consultant will focus on Lean practices designed to remove company waste in regards to inventory, operations, transportation, and more. The net result is reduced costs and improved customer service and satisfaction.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Perhaps no organizational change is as disruptive and risky as a merger or acquisition. In fact, less than half of business deals end up creating meaningful value for the shareholder. And the resource burden that a merger or acquisition places on your business can be overwhelming.

Epicor offers consulting services that improve your odds of completing a successful merger or acquisition. Our Business Consultants will align project deliverables with your growth strategy and timeline. The Business Consultants will assist with strategic project management, Process Gap Analysis, and data rationalization. By employing Epicor's services, your company can minimize the resource burden, avoid common pitfalls that lead to financial failure, and improve the likelihood of delivering increased shareholder value.

Business Scorecard

Whether you're looking to improve your cash flow, gross margins, inventory turns, sales per employee, or any number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Epicor can help. Our consultants provide the knowledge, tools, and execution you need to achieve operational excellence in all facets of your organization.

Your company will receive a customized business "health check" – a document that benchmarks your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) against similar businesses in your class. Along with this analysis will be a recommendation for defining measurable goals, improving your metrics and KPIs, and controlling the results, followed by an on-site engagement and execute on the agreed upon strategy.

Change Acceleration Process (CAP) Training

Epicor Business Consultants can increase your level of success with organizational change and accelerate the implementation of your business’ change efforts through Change Acceleration Process (CAP) Training.

CAP Training improves communication in regards to organizational change, influencing an environment of shared need. It is the fastest way to drive sustainable change, accounting for human behavior and eliminating resistance from key stakeholders. CAP Training lowers the financial risk associated with change, resulting in a more positive outcome in a shorter time frame.

Financial Trending Analysis

What will your financial statement look like in 3-5 years based on current financial trends? Epicor Business Consultants can provide the answer. Taking into account cash flow and line of credit projections, our consultants provide you with a detailed financial analysis, including recommendations for improving your net income in the short and long term.