The Business Value of Epicor for Retail

How the right retail management system can optimize inventory costs and boost productivity

In times of challenge and times of growth, retailers focus on managing inventory and increasing employee efficiency. Using the right technology solution can streamline this process, making things easier for shoppers and businesses alike. The research firm IDC recently interviewed independent retailers currently using Epicor solutions, and presented their findings in an infographic.

The bottom line: Retailers surveyed increased sales, margins, and efficiency. With their employees no longer tied to time-consuming manual tasks, businesses could instead focus their valuable resources on serving customers and driving overall results.

Key Highlights

  • $473,700 higher net margin/revenue per organization per year
  • 8% higher total revenue
  • 3 percentage point increase in average gross margin
  • 32% fewer POS errors
  • 49% improved inventory accuracy
  • 55% more inventory turns

Learn more about IDC’s findings, and discover how Epicor retail solutions can help you do business better.