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Epicor CMS

Automotive ERP and supply chain software
designed for parts manufacturers.


An Automotive ERP for Your Digital Transformation

The automotive industry demands precision and efficiency from their manufacturing and delivery systems. Epicor CMS is a purpose-built ERP solution for automotive manufacturers, with tools and controls that meet the strict delivery requirements and rigorous production deadlines that your customers demand.

With Epicor CMS, your shop floor is primed to enter the era of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation:

  • Gain clear shop floor visibility using loT sensors to monitor your machines
  • Reduce shipping errors and tighten inventory accuracy with serialized inventory tracking
  • Meet ever-changing customer labeling and compliance requirements with world-class automotive EDI
Approved by Honda
Approved by Honda
Recommended by Magna
Recommended by Magna

Epicor CMS Controls and Solutions

Production Manager

Embedded MES collects data from machines to automatically provide essential production data. 

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Also called license plating, serialization greatly improves inventory accuracy, visibility, and traceability.

Virtual Factory

Visualize if a process is functioning normally and take action to avoid problems before they start.

Embedded EDI

React quickly to changing customer demands and meet your customers’ unique labelling requirements.

Material Replenishment Monitor

Automatically replenish inventory based on stock level or manual requests directly from operators. 

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Virtual Kanban

Machine operators know in real time exactly what part to change over to and how much to run. 

Shipping Scheduler

Schedule large volumes of parts across many trucks, and eliminate missed or late shipments. 

Epicor CMS Support and Training

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Get customer service and support through our award-winning EpicCare system.

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Build skills and productivity with training and development from Epicor University.

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Connect With Other Users

Supplement your knowledge and gain experience from your peers with Epicor User Groups.

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Tell us about your unique goals and challenges so we can show you why Epicor software is a better fit.  Contact us by phone, chat, or email. If you’re an existing customer, please log in to EpicCare.