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The Building Supply Industry Runs on Epicor

Trust Epicor to accelerate growth, maximize profitability, and position your business for the future of building supply. Advanced capabilities like streamlined workflows and more accurate reporting and forecasting improve decision making and provide early visibility to potential challenges and opportunities.

Building Supply Industry Insights Report 2023

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Deep expertise in your specialized business.

Made With You, For You

Epicor’s solutions are informed by building suppliers and built by building supply experts with more functionality and capability out of the box, and less need for customization and add-ons.

  • Customized dashboards provide integrated, real-time views of performance across your operations
  • User forums promote peer-to-peer collaboration and best practices sharing
  • Frequent releases of new and upgraded features anticipate customer needs

Satisfy Customers

Epicor technology helps you offer value-added services that keep your customers happy. By offering a seamless experience online, at the checkout counter, and in the warehouse, you can build trust and loyalty with your customers. 

  • Deploy tools and dashboards to gain insights into customer preferences and behavior
  • Understand which customers are most profitable—and why
  • Connect sales, marketing, dispatch and accounting staff to centralized customer data
Forklift loading stacks of beech boards on a truck

Streamline Operations

Accuracy, control, and productivity can be improved throughout an organization’s warehouse, shop floor, or yard. Integrated inventory, manufacturing, and warehouse management tools enable staff to work smarter.

  • Apply intuitive, easy-to-use data analysis and business intelligence tools
  • Make process workflows more efficient, budget and forecast more accurately, and confidently set operational goals
  • Automate manual tasks to improve efficiency, accuracy, and employee satisfaction

The Business Value of Epicor Software for Building Supply Companies

Learn how users drive value through elevated responsiveness, supply chain logistics, and cost management.

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