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Gasser True Value Hardware and Farm Supply

The fourth-generation, family-owned Gasser True Value Hardware and Farm Supply stores are one-stop shops for hardware, tools, lawn and garden, and farm supplies in each of their service towns. All six Gasser locations rely on Epicor Eagle software and recently added the Epicor Scheduling+ solution to meet the challenges of managing floor coverage, employee schedules, and communications.

“Our entire team is just more organized using Epicor Scheduling+ software. We save time creating schedules and spend less time correcting schedules. It's fast and convenient.”

Vicci Rhoden
Human Resources Assistant | Gasser True Value Hardware and Farm Supply

Real-time information to build schedules

Cloud-based Epicor Scheduling+ software is accessible by managers and employees alike. Gone are the days of time-off requests via notes or easily forgotten conversations. Instead, employees can log into Epicor Scheduling+ software to see their schedule and request time off-and managers can easily see those requests. “With Epicor Scheduling+ software, our store managers have all of the necessary information like employee time-off requests, daily sales forecasts, and anticipated store traffic. They use real-time information to build schedules two to three weeks in advance,” said Vicci Rhoden, human resources assistant, Gasser True Value Hardware and Farm Supply. “Before we'd lose schedule reminders jotted down on sticky notes. Now they are easily seen in the system and don't get lost.”

Simplify employee coverage

Since different departments or jobs often require different skills or knowledge, Gasser schedules by position and department and even assigns tasks to employees. Epicor Scheduling+ software provides drag and drop templates for positions and tasks, making it simple to copy an employee schedule from past weeks to current and future weeks. “In addition to creating a good schedule, the Epicor Scheduling+ solution also simplifies the task of finding a fill-in employee to cover for an employee who can't make it into work. We see all employees that are available and can then find someone with the right skills. An added benefit is having everyone's phone numbers and e-mail addresses available within the program, making it fast and convenient to contact them,” said Rhoden.

“Our entire team is just more organized using Epicor Scheduling+ software. We save time creating schedules and spend less time correcting schedules. It's fast and convenient,” said Rhoden. “Employees check their schedules whenever they want from wherever they are. Managers view an entire store's coverage, see schedule requests, make adjustments, and access employee contact information from a single dashboard accessible at any time from a web browser. I recommend Epicor Scheduling+ software to any retail store. There's nothing to think about-just do it.”

Company Facts

  • Locations: Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa
  • Industry: Hardware, Home Center, and Farm Supply
  • Number of employees: 100
  • Number of stores: 6
  • Web site:
  • Co-op: True Value


  • Manage floor coverage and employee schedules
  • Communicate employee schedules



  • Organize scheduling workflow
  • Reduce time required to create and update schedules
  • Find shift coverage more quickly
  • Improve employee communication

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