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Two ways to learn.

One complete experience.

Epicor Learning offers two paths that work together and help users learn, build skills, and stay productive.

Epicor Learning Center

A robust digital learning platform that caters to specific business roles. It offers a variety of training resources from hands-on exercises to task and knowledge checks.

  • Build skills specific to your company learning plan and role
  • Chart your courses and learning pathways and track the progress
  • Gain on the job confidence by incorporating your own company content into customized tasks
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On-the-Job Learning

Once you are working in the product, the Help & Support Panel recommends short videos, articles, "how to" walkthroughs, and other resources to help you stay productive and focused on the task at hand.

  • Access short videos and FAQs
  • Get "how to" walkthroughs while you work
  • Receive suggestions, tips, and resources
Epicor learning center Help & Support Panel


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