Moving to a Completely Paperless Environment


Today, technology continues to improve operational efficiency such as eliminating manual data entry or implementing automation applications. This is the case for Arnold Lumber Company.  Founded in 1911, Arnold Lumber Company is one of the largest lumber companies in the state of Rhode Island.  Overall, the company’s challenge was how to improve their invoice processing and filing efficiency.

Since Arnold Lumber Company went live on Epicor BisTrack software in November 2015, the implementation of Epicor BisTrack and BisTrack AP Automation has increased its revenue and purchasing volume.Moving to a Completely Paperless Environment
Dave Whitney, director of finance at Arnold Lumber Company said, "The BisTrack AP Automation application has been really useful for us as we’ve grown—keeping our AP department from getting overloaded with manual entered invoices. We have had a 17 percent increase in revenue and the corresponding increase in purchasing volume. AP Automation has allowed us to maintain a department of one individual instead of hiring more AP staff." 

According to Whitney, the software eliminates data errors making it more efficient for the AP department processing supplier invoices. 

"The AP Automation tool uses OCR, or optical character recognition, to automatically look through supplier invoices  ....  it pulls specific data off of the supplier invoices—such as the supplier name, invoice number, invoice date and discount date, the PO number, and the amounts. From there, it populates the supplier invoice in BisTrack software with those fields pulled from the supplier invoice. This process helps us eliminate data entry errors, frees up our AP staff for other important tasks, and saves us 30 hours per week," Whitney explained. 

With the help of BisTrack AP Automation software, the accounts payable specialist saves four hours a day with automatic AP invoice matching and approvals. The software converts the scanned data into an electronic file that is automatically processed.

Going Paperless
A business can save money and time with going paperless. By going paperless means customer communication is faster - enhancing business efficiency and professional image. Whitney describes how going paperless in their office saves a lot of time searching for documents and eliminates those bulky filing cabinets in the office. "Before using the AP Automation application, we had a typical admin department that had 45 filing cabinets with the paper copies of receiving paperwork and invoices filed away. Now, using ScanTrack, we run everything through a scanner and they automatically go in and attach to the receiving documents. We’ve eliminated all our filing cabinets and can simply go to related documents to access any information we need at the click of a button. It saves time and quite a few phone calls.”

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