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Speed and Precision that Manufacturers Demand

In the dynamic world of electronics and high tech, speed and agility reign supreme. With products evolving and changing by the moment and global contenders at every corner, you need an edge. Epicor Kinetic is not just another ERP platform, but your ally in achieving leaner, faster, and more profitable operations. Whether you're a subcontractor today or an OEM giant tomorrow, our solution can adapt seamlessly. Navigate short product lifespans with extended after-sales, and propel your enterprise to the front.

  • Real-Time Operational Insights: Make data-driven decisions on the fly
  • Optimized Workflow Management: Streamline processes for maximum efficiency
  • Unparalleled Quality Assurance: Meet and exceed industry standards consistently
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Unlocking Insights and Tools that Drive Success

Precision & Innovation

Designed for the intricacies of electronics and high-tech manufacturing, Kinetic doesn't just accommodate—it anticipates. Comprehensive inventory management lets you account for every component down to its revision, for precision stock management and minimal waste. Moreover, in an industry known for its rapid shifts and progressions, forecasting and master production scheduling (MPS) keeps businesses not just in step but ahead, perfectly poised to thrive in a swiftly moving tech landscape.

  • Holistic inventory view: Track components with ease
  • Demand prediction: Anticipate needs and reduce wastage
  • Optimized stock levels: Minimize excess inventory and stockouts

Enhanced Production Efficiency

Juggle intricate components, complex processes, and rapid innovation cycles. Epicor helps streamline these complexities, optimizing the entire manufacturing process from component acquisition to the final product assembly. By integrating workflows and providing real-time data insights, manufacturers can swiftly respond to market changes, making their operations agile and highly efficient.

  • Constraint-based planning: Get the big picture with forecasting and MPS
  • Real-time insights: Make informed decisions quickly
  • Agile operations: Adapt promptly to market demands

Robust Quality Assurance and Compliance

Epicor solutions help embed quality checks throughout the manufacturing process and ensure adherence to international standards. By automating compliance checks and maintaining an auditable record of all operations, manufacturers can better guarantee that their products are of the highest quality and meet all regulatory requirements.

  • Automated compliance checks: Ensure regulatory adherence.
  • Embedded quality checks: Maintain consistent product quality.
  • Auditable records: Simplify audits and certifications.

Challenges Solved for Electronics and High-Tech


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