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Magnum Shooting Center

Magnum Shooting Center, founded in 2013, is a multifaceted firearms retail business that features state-of-the-art shooting lanes and a 4,000 square-foot retail shop that carries firearms, ammunition, sound suppressors, night vision equipment, and body armor, among other products. Additionally, the company has a training facility, full-service gunsmithing shop, and more.

“The implementation process of the Epicor Eagle N Series system and the Epicor FFL Compliance Manager application is easy. For any firearms business, compliance is your lifeline and inventory control is mandatory-without it you don't have anything.” 

Todd Lockburner
Co-Owner and General Manager | Magnum Shooting Center

Cloud-based technology to streamline firearms compliance

Magnum Shooting Center has been updating their range to the most modern technology in firearm lane features, lighting and environmental control, they also wanted to implement modern software technology for the most crucial facet of the business-firearms compliance. “We had been looking for new firearms compliance and management software, and we were thrilled to discover that the new Epicor FFL Compliance Manager software would easily integrate with our current Epicor system,” said Todd Lockburner, co-owner and general manager of Magnum Shooting Center.

“We didn't want a point of sale system that we would outgrow in 10 to 12 months. We needed something that would grow with us, or that we could grow into. We also wanted to connect our point of sale system to our receiving of merchandise, our FFL compliance and back office operations-streamlining all sides of the business,” said Lockburner.

A solution that helps protect business

The Epicor FFL Compliance Manager application was created in collaboration with industry leading compliance and operations experts. While the cloud-based application is an entirely self-contained solution, it is now seamlessly integrated with the Eagle N Series system. The combination of the two solutions gives firearm dealers a comprehensive end-to-end solution that can protect and optimize every part of their businesses.

Magnum Shooting Center now operates its 33,000 square foot business with integrated Epicor technology. “The integrated solution was a no-brainer for us. As a business that sells nearly 100 firearms on a busy day, the Epicor FFL Compliance Manager application, with built-in internal controls, is an extra safety net for us to help make sure all the federally required compliance information for selling a firearm is completed correctly. It's so easy to use that there is really no training needed, you can jump right in and start using it on day one. If you do need help, there is integrated guided assistance to steer you in the right direction. Epicor continues to deliver the technology tools that help facilitate business expansion,” said Lockburner.

Simple to deploy and use

As a cloud-based solution, there is no software to download or updates to install. “The implementation process of the Epicor Eagle N Series system and the Epicor FFL Compliance Manager application is easy. For any firearms business, compliance is your lifeline and inventory control is mandatory-without it you don't have anything,” said Lockburner. “The integration of the two solutions will streamline our firearms compliance and provide improved inventory management. On top of that, it is simple-to-use, and extremely affordable, which will make our business much more efficient.”

Effortlessly track gunsmithing

Utilizing the Epicor Eagle gunsmithing functionality ensures the Magnum Shooting Center is operating as efficiently as possible. “Through my experience running a gunsmithing business for nearly two decades, I have tried practically every software option available to track projects and bill for services,” said Lockburner. “The Epicor Eagle Service and Repair solution integrated with Epicor FFL Compliance Manager finally gave me what I was looking for-the ability to process endless gunsmithing projects with multiple gunsmiths while keeping everyone on task. The software not only accomplishes this, but it also automates the recordkeeping for firearms compliance. This gives me the power to process the data and see where we need improvements to be more profitable.”

Company Facts

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Industry: Sporting Goods

Number of Locations: 1



Easily maintain firearms compliance

Integrate business operations from back office to point of sale


Epicor Eagle N Series

Epicor FFL Compliance Manager

Epicor Eagle Service and Repair for Gunsmithing


Compliance solution easily integrates with Epicor Eagle system

Extra safety net to help make sure federally required compliance information for selling firearms is entered correctly

Affordable, efficient and easy-to-use application

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