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What is Epicor Agent?

Enhance your business efficiency with the power of AI

Epicor Agent is a user interface tailored to your Epicor system, powered by the Microsoft Azure AI platform. Using natural language processing (NLP), it allows you to interact with your mission-critical ERP systems, as you would with a person. It can answer questions, provide links, and perform routine tasks to increase productivity and efficiency:

  • Brings the power of multi-language support to your business
  • Answers/executes routine queries and tasks to save time and effort
  • Provides a seamless and secure way to access more knowledge outside of your Epicor system
  • Enables on-the-go workers with mobile access
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Cloud-Based AI NLP For All Company Sizes and Regions

Epicor Agent democratizes advanced AI technology for a wide range of business needs and sizes with practical use cases. We train Epicor Agent in English, but with the benefit of the Microsoft Azure AI platform’s conversational language understanding (CLU), you can say a command or ask a question in 96 different languages.

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Save Time With Epicor Queries And Tasks

Epicor Agent answers queries on items, customers, suppliers, orders, and more, as well as initiating actions like creating quotes in the Epicor system, accessible via voice or text. It requires little user training while boosting productivity and efficiency, leading to a shorter time to value for your business.

Securely Access The Knowledge You Need

By safely and securely accessing Microsoft Azure OpenAI when an answer isn't available in your Epicor system data, Epicor Agent enhances its problem-solving capability, providing quick responses to any question. This synergy broadens the scope of support, improving your information access and user experience.

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