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Manage Your Global Business with Kinetic

Drive your manufacturing activities with a single, unified system, no matter how distributed your organization is—leverage efficiencies for running multiple sites and companies in other countries. Epicor offers a complete suite of solutions for manufacturing needs worldwide. Explore the benefits of Global Business Management with Kinetic.

  • Increase profits through cost-effective production locations anywhere in the world
  • Reap the benefits of a modern, secure, steady, performant, and cloud-based ERP globally
  • Automate and customize processes for local practice and language in Kinetic
  • Stay compliant with industry, regional, and local regulations
  • Prepare consolidated financial reports easily from all sites and companies


Fast and Scalable Global Deployment

Epicor is a reliable, global partner in quickly implementing and steadily maintaining ERP for manufacturers. Epicor helps customers scale their business in multiple countries using the same Kinetic Cloud ERP.

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Whether growing organically or through acquisitions, Kinetic is always a cost-effective choice for manufacturers globally. With excellent integration capabilities, Kinetic can support larger enterprises in a tier-two mode by running local production operations and connecting to a corporate ERP.

Access To New Markets

Turn your global manufacturing presence into higher profitability by moving beyond production. Sell into new regions and countries by leveraging your local production hub and benefit from shortened distribution cycles. Kinetic easily integrates with many online services to accelerate the sales process.

Essential Features

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