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Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Manage your enterprise risk and compliance in an ever-changing regulatory landscape. Epicor designs governance risk and compliance (GRC) solutions to meet published international standards and industry best practices.

  • Secure your operational readiness with advanced user roles and strong cloud security from Microsoft Azure
  • Simplify and reduce the cost of compliance with deep industry capabilities that support traceability requirements
  • Meet audit tracking and documentation requirements with comprehensive design-to-retire PLM
  • Deliver on sustainability goals with greater governance
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Stay Compliant with Reduced Effort

GRC can impact every person and function of an organization. Effective GRC initiatives help companies and their employees stay compliant while ensuring that everyone at all levels of the company is aware of the associated risks of non-compliance.

Enable Greater Efficiency and Success

Whether GRC becomes an intolerable burden that increases company overhead or an enabler of efficiency and success depends upon its actual, day-to-day impact on employees. An efficient GRC solution will enhance, rather than hamper, productivity.

Reduce Risk with More Sustainable Operations

Businesses today are focusing on energy/water conservation and supply chain sustainability. Epicor delivers solutions to extend the benefits of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) throughout the supply chain: energy monitoring, strategic sourcing and procurement, logistics, use of cloud solutions, and mining of enterprise data to meet compliance mandates.