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Effortless Data Transfer, Tailored for You

Transitioning to Kinetic? Our Data Migration Tools are built specifically for businesses moving from legacy ERP systems to Kinetic. Designed for a swift, secure, and smooth transition, this toolkit eliminates manual data entry, ensures data accuracy, and keeps your business running without a hiccup. Including both the Data Extraction Tool and Data Management Tool (DMT), along with customizable templates, our Data Migration Tools provide:

  • Fast and flawless data migration
  • Robust security measures
  • Effortless data import management

Benefits to Manufacturers

Fast and Flawless Data Migration

Simplify your transition to Kinetic with tools that make data migration quick, accurate, and fully secure. Say goodbye to laborious, error-prone manual processes. DMT validates data integrity against business logic and will inform you of required fields.


Robust Security Measures

Your data's integrity is non-negotiable. DMT enforces rigorous security protocols while importing—ensuring that your data is safe, sound, and compliant. Security is available through Epicor Account, Windows® Authentication®, Epicor Identity Provider and Microsoft® Azure®.

Effortless Data Import Management

The user-friendly features of DMT allow you to manage data import with ease, be it bulk updating, deleting, or adding new information, all while maintaining full compliance and data integrity.

Essential Features