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  • Single Sign-On FAQ

The Basics

What is Epicor Identity (IdP)? 

Cybersecurity threats can compromise user credentials, so many companies choose to implement strong IT security measures. Epicor Identity (IdP) is a centralized single sign-on (SSO) and multifactor authentication (MFA) service provided by Epicor to help organizations regulate, control, secure, and streamline the way users access Epicor products and customer portals. 

It provides an SSO service that makes it easy and secure to log in to your Epicor customer portals, which include EpicCare, Epicor Learning Center, and EpicWeb. No more juggling multiple passwords – with a single set of credentials (username and password), you can quickly sign in to the portals that you have existing rights to access. There is no need to keep entering your credentials either--SSO with Epicor Identity automatically authenticates you within the same session. 

Which Epicor products and Epicor Customer Portals support Epicor Identity (IdP)? 


All products are supported with Epicor Identity. You may continue to use Epicor Identity (IdP) for supported products if your company has licensed this service and your designated Epicor Application Administrator has enabled it for you.

If your company account enabled Epicor Identity for Epicor products, you may use the same set of login credentials for the Epicor customer portals and the enabled Epicor products. 

Epicor Portals 

The Epicor customer portals that support Epicor Identity (IdP) include EpicCare, your support portal for accessing knowledge and case management, Epicor Learning Center, your portal for training and education, and EpicWeb, your product portal for documentation, downloads, and resources. You may use Epicor Identity if you have existing rights to access these customer portals and you successfully register as a new user. 

If you are an Epicor Application Administrator and you have questions about which products are enabled, please contact your Epicor customer account manager. 

Can I use my old logins for EpicCare, EpicWeb, and Epicor Learning Center? 

Your native logins for the Epicor portals will continue to work as expected

Do I have to use SSO with Epicor Identity to access customer portals? Can I still use my current logins for EpicCare, EpicWeb, and Epicor Learning Center?

Your native logins for the Epicor portals will continue to work as expected. Using SSO with Epicor Identity is not required. The usual way you log in to your customer portals still works. If you register for SSO and then decide to opt-out, clear the cookies in your browser and resume using the original links to the Epicor customer portals. 

Administration and Passwords 

How do I register as a new user? 

There are two ways to register as a new user: 

  1. Log in to EpicCare, click Profile under your name in the top right corner, scroll down and click Create Epicor Identity Account under the Related Links section, open the Welcome to Epicor Identity Provider e-mail message, click set your password, and finish registration.
  2. Go to the EpicCare home log in page, click the Log In With Epicor Identity button, click Register as a new user, key your account number and click Next,you’re your First Name, Last Name, Password, and Confirm password, click the Register button, open the Welcome to Epicor Identity Provider e-mail message, click set your password, and finish registration. 

How do I find my account number? 

There are a few ways to find your account number. They are: 

  • Go to the EpicCare home log in page and use the Request My Account Number link
  • Sign in to EpicCare (via SSO or original URL) and find it in the upper left corner 
  • Sign in to EpicWeb (via SSO or original URL) and select “My Organization” from the left menu 
  • Contact your company’s system administrator 

What are the password requirements? 

Your password for your Epicor Identity account must include at least 8 characters and 3 of the following types: 

  • Lowercase characters 
  • Uppercase characters 
  • Number 
  • Special character (! " # $ % & \ ( ) * + - . , / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ _ ` { | } ~) 

I have feedback for Epicor about SSO with Epicor Identity. How do I send it to Epicor? 

Customer feedback like yours is very important to us and helps shape the future of our software applications. You can send your feedback to, on EpicCare, or as an Epicor Idea. 


I’m not receiving my password reset email. 

The emails may be going to your junk folder, or getting blocked by your company’s network firewall. You may need to check your junk/spam folder and ask your Epicor Application Administrator about whitelisting and

Please verify that the email address you entered is correct and check for typos. If your user email address is incorrect, you will not receive a password reset email. 

Where do I go for help with SSO? 

Please review the following articles:

Contact Epicor at or your company’s Epicor Application Administrator for assistance. 

Epicor Customer Portal Links 

Epicor Portal URLs: