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Product Management

Product Management serves as the central hub for your process and product data and history. It helps provide collaboration and data exchange among enterprise users who interact with your products—including product managers, engineers, salespeople, buyers, and quality assurance representatives. It controls the process to ensure the right product is built using the right bill of material, routing, and specifications.

  • Tightly control product build data with strong change control
  • Integrate ERP with PLM, Electrical and Mechanical CAD systems to speed innovation
  • Collaborate with product stakeholders within and externally, assuring product effectiveness.


Single Source of Truth

Easily develop a single source of truth for each product you build, ensuring accurate product builds and custom acceptance. Pull from CAD and PLM systems to even greater accuracy.

Improve production effectiveness

Deliver accurate estimates from quoting through to production with specifications in the Method of Manufacturing (MoM) that serves simple single level and multilevel assemblies with bill of material (BOM) and bill of operations (BOO) or routing accurately. Method (MoM) accuracy assures costing and scheduling effectiveness.

Reduce cost and complexity when building to customer specification

Epicor delivers unique make-to-order capabilities that include “part on the fly” a process that supports products only made once. Epicor also delivers configure price quote (CPQ) to speed customer-driven configurations with automation in delivering them to production.


Essential Features

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