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Credibility you and your clients can rely on

The relationship between a client and consultant is built on trust. When you’re working with something as specific as ERPs, there’s no room for error. You need an ERP you can rely on, every single time. Providing high-quality consultancy means working with companies who are prepared to be flexible. Epicor is your go-to, industry-specific ERP provider. We supply you with long-term solutions as a supportive, renowned organisation.

Adaptable and Scalable

As a consultant, you want an ERP that works for a variety of potential clients. One that’s adaptable to specific sectors and scalable for companies of any size.

Easy-to-use ERP

If you’ve been sought out as a consultant, your client isn’t particularly confident in finding the right solution themselves. The last thing you want to do is recommend software that’s difficult to implement and adopt.

Epicor ERP has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. It’s easier for you to introduce it to your clients, and easier for them to start using right away.

Trusted Partner

There’s nothing worse than finding the right software with the wrong support structure behind it. If an ERP provider isn’t the right fit for you, chances are they’re not the right choice for your clients.

Epicor values building strong, meaningful connections with everyone we work with. We have a proven track record of partnerships with hundreds of different companies and consultants around the world.

Streamlined Implementation

No consultant wants to recommend a solution that’s a challenge to implement. That kind of delay can sour a relationship. It may also lead clients to look elsewhere for consultancy.

Epicor streamlines the implementation process, simplifying it for you and your clients. Our support methodology ensures we can implement software quickly and smoothly for all ERP customers.

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