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Professional Services

Discover how Epicor professional services can quickly solve problems and drive your success.

One Company. Total Support.

Epicor understands how critical your ERP solution investments are to your business. Epicor Software Professional Consulting provides a variety of services supporting implementation, upgrades, process improvement, education, and software customisation.

Our professional services organisation employs highly skilled and tenured consultants with deep industry expertise, whose experience is backed by a proven track record of successful delivery around the world. Our global teams offer local perspectives with an international outlook so you can keep your business and ERP solution optimised, whether locally or worldwide.

CoWorkers having a meeting at the office
  • ““The consulting team…engineered a comprehensive system deployment that was tailored to address all our pain points…they used modeling and simulation scenarios to demonstrate how the system would operate in our factories.””
  • Scott Keaton
  • VP and CFO | Bracalente

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