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  • Episode 4: Reimagining Retail Manufacturing: Improving Supply Chains and Creating a More Sustainable World

Episode 4: Reimagining Retail Manufacturing: Improving Supply Chains and Creating a More Sustainable World

Tháng Ba 07, 2023

"I started To the Market because I believe fundamentally that the retail manufacturing industry can and should be reimagined," states Jane Mosbacher Morris in our newest podcast episode. Morris is the Founder and CEO of To the Market, a turnkey solution for ethical manufacturing by democratizing access to the global supply chain. "But how I even discovered that that was an opportunity was a little bit of a winding road."

After spending time in the public sector in counterterrorism, Morris realized how impactful the private sector can be. She saw that if you could leverage market forces to drive change, an organization can have an impact on social and environmental opportunities. 

With that drive, Morris turned to retail manufacturing, an industry that was in need of reimagining, and created To the Market, which connects companies to a syndicated network of sustainable, story-rich suppliers, improving sustainability efforts and increasing ethical sourcing in their supply chain. To the Market recently ranked in the top 20% of the Inc. 5000 list of America's fastest growing private companies.

In This Episode…

Not only is To the Market looking at ways to improve supply chains and reimagine the retail manufacturing industry, they're also making the world a better place as well. Listen to our conversation with Jane Mosbacher Morris to learn more about the impact To the Market is having on companies around the globe.

Topics discussed:

  • How To the Market supports their growth by setting team expectations, articulating what they want to achieve, and putting systems in place to measure progress.
  • Why establishing structures to keep in touch with each other and make every employee involved is key for growth — and how To the Market does it across their remote teams, distributed around the world.
  • The importance of sustainable growth and ethical sourcing, and how To the Market helps organizations both big and small evaluating better ways to do business.
  • The challenges of working in an analog industry where there's little visibility into processes, and how digital tools are making the industry more transparent.
  • Success stories of organizations who have made changes in their sourcing to significantly impact their sustainability.
  • How To the Market uses data to inform their customers of their impact, and how more information can empower organizations to make better decisions.
  • Advice for business leaders who want to improve their existing sustainability operations, and why it starts by looking at your raw materials.

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