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Focus on Your True Customer

The success of any aftermarket parts business is determined by what happens on the industry’s front lines—which services are identified and sold to the consumer, and which brands and parts are selected for each job.

Epicor Aftermarket Data Analytics solutions help manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and service businesses identify and address emerging maintenance and repair needs among today’s diverse vehicle population. 

  • Which services and parts are increasing in demand? 
  • How effective are your promotions? 
  • Are your stocking strategies aligned with actual market behavior?

Optimize Inventories in Every Distribution Location

The Epicor Predictive Inventory Assistant combines artificial intelligence and advanced data science to provide aftermarket businesses with stocking recommendations based on aggregated financial information from “stores like you.” Predictive Inventory Assistant brings the industry one step closer to delivering “the right part, to the right place, at the right time” using holistic intelligence.

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Solutions for Manufacturers

Dramatically reduce channel inefficiency for faster growth, fewer returns, increased customer loyalty, and stronger profitability. Assess market performance based on key indicators such as:

  • Are you growing fast enough within key accounts? 
  • How efficient are your parts on distributor shelves? 
  • Are you effectively managing product life cycle? 
  • Are you missing sales opportunities due to application holes in your catalog?
  • Are promotions increasing sales and customer loyalty? 
  • Which factors are driving the costs of rebates and returns?

The Aftermarket’s Premier Data Factory

Epicor Aftermarket Data Analytics offer visibility into more than 1 billion part transactions and nearly 140 million vehicle repair events per year. In addition, our cloud data pools track current availability and historical performance of inventory items representing virtually all popular brands and product categories.

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Discover what you can do with Epicor Aftermarket Data Analytics.

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3. We’ll meet for a live discussion and share with you how Data Analytics can help change your strategy and drive your business forward.

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