Epicor BisTrack Introduces New Features to Drive Growth

LAS VEGAS – Epicor LBM User Conference November 13, 2018

New features for web, mobile, warehouse management, and customer stratification in Epicor BisTrack 6.0 for North America to help lumber and building materials companies grow

Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, announced today a new major milestone of Epicor BisTrack™, the business management software for lumber and building materials (LBM) dealers and distributors in North America. Key among the improvements are expanded web functionality, increased mobility, and customer stratification improvements.

Expanding web functionality

Epicor BisTrack 6.0 adds a new web store application programming interface (API), web store responsive design, and easy web store credit card storage to allow LBM business to get more out of their eCommerce strategy. The API provides BisTrack customers the freedom to build their own specific web stores with any partner or tool, and have BisTrack software provide the products and prices, and accept the orders and payments.

Increasing mobility and warehouse management

BisTrack Delivery, a mobile proof-of-delivery application, has been expanded to cover more transactions and capture more information than ever before. A new mobile warehouse management module (Warehouse Management Foundations) has been added, which brings the key elements of a world-class warehouse management system in a straight-forward implementation that fits both small and large LBM businesses.

Customer stratification improvements

The latest version of the Epicor BisTrack application increases the flexibility of its existing customer stratification functionality to allow more granularity and automation. This helps BisTrack customers to make better decisions about how to align resources to the right customers, allowing growth without added investment.

  • “LBM businesses need to understand their customers and maximize their use of web and mobile opportunities to promote growth. The new features in Epicor BisTrack 6.0 will help LBM companies grow their business through easy-to-use solutions that fit their needs.”
  • - Jason Parchomchuk, Manager, BisTrack Product Management, Epicor Software