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Aged Care: How to Keep up with Legislation and Compete More Effectively - Part II

In Part I of this two-part blog series, we discussed the changing landscape of the aged care industry. 

How Epicor helps aged care service providers
As Australia's largest generation (baby boomers) begins to enter retirement and old age, the aged care market is evolving. At the same time, changing legislation has led to increased competition and consumer choice. Entry into a nursing home is no longer the one stop option as it was just a decade ago. Now, with more options, as well as enjoying better health and fitness overall, an increasing number of seniors are choosing to stay and age at home longer, taking advantage of in-home services. They are more discerning in their selection of retirement villages and nursing homes based on their lifestyle choices and the services they need.

This means aged care providers must do more to compete with other providers, delivering the quality and variety of services that older Australians require.
Epicor helps providers manage their financials, including managing funding, billing, customer relationship management (CRM), and on-boarding processes. Epicor also provides business intelligence and data analytics along with mobility solutions that help keep patients and relatives informed.
The single patient record
Aged care is a journey that starts at home with home-based services. People then typically enter a retirement village before eventually moving into a nursing home. During this time, the person may make several trips to hospital for various injuries or illnesses. The antiquity of most providers' systems means the customer or patient has disparate records at each stage of the journey, making it difficult for the provider to deliver a seamless service. Epicor offers a single patient record so that every step along the way, the patient's history and relevant information is immediately accessible to the relevant aged care professionals. All the services provided to the patient can be tracked and billed using the Epicor system, simplifying the process of managing payments and funding. 

Easy management and compliance from end-to-end
The system also helps aged care facilities easily manage their resources, from staff to beds and even including facility and asset management. This can save the facility significant amounts of money and ensures that important medical and rehabilitation equipment is available and in safe working condition when it's needed.
Epicor is compliance-oriented, providing integrated information that's easy to analyze and empowers compliance. Our in-house team understands the legal changes that are always occurring in the aged care sector, so we can help our clients by providing revisions and upgrades to software as compliance demands change. 

Australia leads the way in terms of technology use in aged care. Increasing demand will continue to drive innovation as we look to improve the quality of life for older Australians. 

To read Part I of this blog and learn how regulatory and legislative changes are affecting the industry, click here.


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