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Unmatched AI-Driven Inventory Optimization

In today’s dynamic market, managing inventory effectively is crucial. Smart Inventory Planning is your partner in this journey, offering a suite of cloud-based applications that drive sales and inventory operations planning. Tailored for businesses of all sizes, it empowers you with robust forecasting methodologies, inventory optimization, and actionable supply chain analytics.

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Benefits to Planners and Purchasers

Better Forecast Accuracy

Unlock the potential of your inventory with Epicor Smart IP&O. Our advanced algorithms analyze historical data and market trends to provide you with highly accurate forecasts. This precision helps you:

  • Reduce overstock and stockouts
  • Improve customer satisfaction with reliable product availability
  • Optimize your inventory turnover rates

Measure Your Impact

Make strategic inventory decisions with confidence. Built-in financial impact simulation tools can help you:

  • Project the financial outcomes of different inventory scenarios
  • Balance cost-saving measures with customer service levels
  • Strategically plan for future growth and market changes

Built to Scale and Adapt

As your business grows, Epicor Smart IP&O  grows with you. Our cloud-based platform is designed to handle the increasing complexity and volume of your inventory needs. It can help you:

  • Seamlessly manage inventory across multiple locations
  • Adapt to changing market demands with agile inventory strategies
  • Scale your operations without compromising efficiency