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An End-to-End Solution for Australian Aged Care

Epicor Senior Living Solution (SLS) is one of Australia's market-leading ERP solutions for the aged care and care services industry. It offers all the functionality needed to manage an aged care organisation's marketing, administration, clients, procurement, operations, and financial aspects in a single software system. Simplify billing, funding, claiming and compliance, all while improving your care service.

Developed to support Residential Care, Community and Home Care and Independent Living organisations, SLS integrates with 3rd party applications designed especially for this market. This includes scheduling and rostering, internal workflow automation, intelligent data analytics, and enterprise content management (ECM) applications. Key features help your organisation:

  • Improve care operation for residential and community care clients
  • Simplify keeping up with applicable legislative and legislation changes
  • Effectively manage and reconcile care funds
  • Work more efficiently by reducing the number of systems that interrelate
  • Enable and optimise the effective use of mobile devices for carers and clients

Proud Member

The Aged & Community Care Providers Association (ACCPA) is the national association for providers of residential aged care, home and community care, retirement living and related services.


Fit For Purpose

Senior Living is developed to help and support your organisation operating in the aged care industry. Whether you organisation provides residential care, community care, home care or you operate a retirement village, Senior Living is an Australian region-ready specialist solution for you. Easily stay up to date with the latest legislations and compliance requirements.

Easy To Use

Our intuitive user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) enables aged care friendly workflows for your daily transactions. Our cloud deployment option drives faster implementations and upgrades for you. The implementation of Automation Studio will support you to simplify time consuming, repetitive operations and enables individual workflow process automation capabilities. Care system tasks will become easier and faster to handle for your carers.

Growth Ready

Epicor Senior Living scales effortlessly to match your organisation’s growth. Make additions or changes to a facility, program or package with minimum effort. The future-proof architecture can handle care industry requirement changes and integrate with the industry-specific systems you use today. Invest for what you need now, and take advantage of the flexibility to adjust to what comes next. Our cloud and SaaS deployments offer flexible backup and recovery options to protect small or big care organisations from potential small or big disasters. Quickly recover from incidents caused by power failures, fires, floods or other unexpected threats.


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