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Why Retailers Are Optimistic About Cloud Retail Solutions and Future Growth

We surveyed hundreds of retail decision-makers to find out how they’re managing rapid change and business transformation. The Epicor Retail Insights report offers perspective on how they’re approaching business strategy over the next five years.

March 04, 2022


The survey found the vast majority of respondents, or 82%, plan to shift all or most of their solutions to cloud technology this year.

While retailers indicated cloud systems and mobile capabilities will bring the most significant changes as they work to integrate web-based applications, data analytics was also among the top technologies identified as a change driver. It reflects the growing need to make strategic, data-driven decisions to stay competitive.

82% of retailers reported they plan to shift all or most systems to cloud solutions this year.

As adopting cloud solutions becomes ever more essential, retailers agreed that improved security is a major benefit. Our research also found that flexibility and scalability, both crucial to post-pandemic retail, are the other major drivers that encourage cloud adoption.

Looking ahead to protect against future disruptions, cloud capabilities also seem to offer retailers confidence with 84% reporting they believe cloud technology could have helped them better manage through the pandemic.

Read the full report now to find out more about how retailers are managing the transforming retail landscape and setting up for the future.