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Why You Should Attend Insights 2024: From a Former Customer Turned Employee

May 17, 2024

Insights is a conference we hold for our customers every year in various locations around the world. It combines the best elements of a trade show, presentation sessions, hands-on labs, road-ahead keynotes, and big-name entertainment and speakers. As a former customer who attended for multiple years in that role, and then for roughly 20 years as an Epicor employee, let me share additional ways you can derive value from attending the conference. Beyond its inherent benefits to your business, Insights offers several compelling reasons why you should consider being there:

  1. Network at Meals: Make the most of mealtimes by sitting with other customers and Epicor employees. Inquire about the conference highlights and find out who to approach for specific product questions or requests. If you see a group of employees together, feel free to approach them if you have questions or need help—remember, they're there to assist you.
  2. Visit the Solutions Pavilion (Trade Show) Off-Peak: While the Solutions Pavilion is always fun and bustling during evening receptions and lunch breaks, consider visiting when sessions are in progress. This quieter time lets you engage more deeply and enjoyably with Epicor partners and Epicor employees from various departments like Product Development, Education, Professional Services, Support, Marketing, and Sales—without the usual crowds.
  3. Engage with Your User Group: Major user groups will be there with their own booths and/or sessions. They provide networking, forums, additional education opportunities by customers and partners, regional meetings, and a critical chance for you to lobby your fellow customers to vote for your Epicor Ideas, which you can submit at the Epicor Ideas booth.  
  4. Attend Annually: I attended my first Insights with the ink barely dried on our Epicor contract. We were very focused on getting our system up and running. But the work doesn’t stop once your Epicor solution is chosen and live; you should continue “selling” your Epicor solution internally to help ensure its long-term success. Regular attendance helps you stay informed about necessary adaptations for business growth and changes, including new add-ons and features.

Because I followed steps 1 through 4, I was well-prepared when the small aerospace manufacturing company I worked for was acquired by a Fortune 500 company. They were impressed with our Epicor solution, and as a result, they granted us an exemption to continue using it. It is still operational to this day.

Why I Am Especially Looking Forward to
Insights 2024

Cognitive ERP, People-Centric AI, and Machine Learning (ML) are big themes at this year’s conference. The anticipation is mounting, particularly for the introduction of our Grow Data Platform, a cornerstone of our AI/ML landscape. We’re moving beyond abstract potential; in our Keynotes, Road Ahead sessions, and the Solutions Pavilion we will be showing how we can solve actual business challenges. Join us to discover innovative use cases that spotlight the practical application of AI in streamlining operations and enhancing decision-making.


Epicor Insights Americas May 20-23, 2024, Nashville, Tennessee LEARN MORE

Epicor Insights Europe June 10-12, 2024, Prague Czech Republic LEARN MORE

 We hope to see you there!