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Episode 28: Texas A&M’s Anupam Agrawal, PhD, on Overcoming Tech Adoption Challenges in Manufacturing

Tháng Sáu 26, 2024

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Meet Anupam Agrawal, PhD, Associate Professor at Texas A&M University's Mays Business School

"At the end of it, we should have good people coming out of our universities who are trained better to solve problems and make lives better for other people."

Anupam Agrawal, PhD, Associate Professor at Texas A&M University's Mays Business School, addresses a significant challenge in the manufacturing industry: the integration of new technologies and digital processes. As industries move forward, traditional methods are becoming obsolete, and the need for digital transformation is paramount. Dr. Agrawal highlights the complexities involved in this transition, such as data acquisition, cybersecurity, and the seamless integration of new technologies into existing systems. By focusing on these challenges, he aims to ensure that companies can navigate the digital age effectively, maintaining competitiveness and driving innovation. As an academic, he also wants to ensure that the next generation of manufacturers is as prepared as possible to enter the field and succeed.

The journey of Dr. Agrawal and his work at Texas A&M University began with a strong foundation in academia and a passion for supply chain management and operations. Over the years, he has built a reputation as a highly respected teacher and researcher, contributing significantly to the field. This journey has been marked by a commitment to bridging the gap between academic theory and practical application in the industry.

In This Episode

In our latest episode of the Manufacturing the Future podcast, Dr. Agrawal offers a deep dive into the future of manufacturing and digital transformation. He shares his expertise on the importance of digitalization, the challenges of adopting new technologies, and the necessity of close collaboration between academia and industry. By breaking down complex concepts and providing actionable insights, Dr. Agrawal equips listeners with the knowledge needed to navigate the evolving landscape of manufacturing.


  • The importance of digital transformation in modern manufacturing processes and its impact on operational efficiency.
  • Challenges faced by businesses in integrating new technologies like AI, big data analytics, and machine learning.
  • The necessity of developing relevant talent through closer collaboration between academia and industry.
  • How digitalization can lead to better product design and reduced faults in manufacturing.
  • Practical applications of digital transformation in supply chain management.
  • The evolution of academic programs to include digital skills and new technology competencies.
  • Strategies for businesses to navigate disruptions and leverage technology for training and upskilling.