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Episode 20: Arnold Lumber Company's Adam Bartlett Drills In to the Meaning of Digital Transformation

March 21, 2024

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Meet Adam Bartlett, Data Systems Manager at Arnold Lumber Company

"My direct boss, the COO of Arnold Lumber, Matt Semonik, says I'm often the man behind the curtain. I make things happen," says Adam Bartlett, Data Systems Manager at Arnold Lumber Company. "I tell my team that our job is to make other employees' jobs easier, as easy as we possibly can, and to develop the tools, give them the tools, buy the tools, whatever we need to do to make their jobs easier. So I do a lot of things like report writing, business intelligence. I solve business problems. They have a problem. They come to me. Do we have the tools? Yes. No. Let's get the tools. Let's find a solution. A lot of brainstorming, a lot of teamwork, a lot of data wrangling and managing. But it's fun. I enjoy it. I enjoy coming to work."

Arnold Lumber Company has grown from a small wood lot in North Kingstown, RI to a full service supplier with locations across the state. They serve the broader New England area with a wide range of building materials, hardware, cabinetry design services, contractor referral services, and much more. Arnold Lumber Company has everything their customers might need to bring their visions to life.

However, running the tight, employee-friendly and customer-first business they are today hasn't always been so smooth. Although it was an adjustment period, when Arnold Lumber embraced technology, specifically BisTrack, in 2015, it has ultimately helped them grow and improve. 

In This Episode

How can technology be a game-changer for everything from less paperwork to better scheduling for both customers and employees? Listen to our conversation with Adam Bartlett to hear all about Arnold Lumber Company's journey with not only embracing technology, but using it to succeed.


  • Arnold Lumber Company's decision-making process of investing in technology.
  • Why BisTrack is "the best solution out there."
  • What technologies have had the biggest impact on Arnold Lumber Company's business.
  • What innovations Arnold Lumber Company is excited to incorporate next.
  • Practicing the saying "Change the people around you, or change the people around you."
  • The two jobs every company should have: safety and making sure everyone is successful.

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