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Episode 23: Voice of the Essential Manufacturing Worker, Chapter 2—Marc Weinmann and Arturo Buzzalino on Why Upskilling is Critical

April 26, 2024

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In this special episode of Manufacturing the Future podcast, Kerrie hosts a roundtable discussion about Epicor's second-annual Voice of Essential Manufacturing Workers report. 

Together with Marc Weinmann, owner of VEM Tooling and Arturo Buzzalino Vice President of Products, Innovation, and Design at Epicor, Kerrie explores the day-to-day work, new skill sets, technology and modernization in the workplace, and the outlook on manufacturing work to gain a deeper understanding of those who make our industry thrive. 

In today's chapter, Kerrie, Marc, and Arturo examine the challenges and necessity of upskilling in a busy corporate environment. They emphasize the importance of making continuous learning a priority to keep pace with industry demands and to retain valuable talent.

Topics discussed:

  • The integration of AI technology in manufacturing companies to enhance employee communication.
  • The obstacles involved in prioritizing upskilling within a bustling corporate schedule, despite the industry's increasing demand for a diverse skill set.
  • Practical upskilling strategies including the dissemination of best practices across global teams and conducting specialized training sessions.


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