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Prophet 21 Release 2024.1: Unleashing New Possibilities

June 17, 2024

We’re excited to announce general availability for Prophet 21, release 2024.1. This release includes benefits such as improved load times and reduced memory requirements, new Mass Updates, numerous Scheduler enhancements, and the ability to set color schemes by the user.

Release Highlights

UI Themes: Personalize Your Experience

In the latest release, we introduce UI Themes, allowing users to customize their platform's color scheme. Whether you prefer a vibrant palette or a sleek monochrome look, UI Themes enhance personalization and make it easy to distinguish between play and production environments. This feature was inspired by user feedback on the Epicor Ideas Portal.

Capacity Planning & Production Scheduling

Our dynamic resource planning capabilities now include Capacity Planning & Production Scheduling. Key features:

  • Proactive, demand-based capacity forecasting
  • Gantt charts for visualizing job timelines
  • "What if" capable-to-promise scenario planning for better decision-making.

This will be available in a later version of 2024.1.

Epicor Field Service Management (FSM)

Streamline field activities with our cloud-based FSM platform. Features include:

  • Job-specific data entry from the field
  • On-site signature capture
  • Real-time contract and work order confirmation.

Look forward to this in a later 2024.1 release.

Knowledge Assistant: Your AI Guide to Learning Coming Soon

Meet the Knowledge Assistant! Powered by ChatGPT and advanced machine learning, it provides faster access to relevant information from Epicor documentation. Got questions? The Knowledge Assistant has answers. Cloud customers can sign up for the early adopter program by completing this form today.

The Knowledge Assistant will be available to all customers in a later release of 2024.

Other Notable Enhancements

  • Scheduler Upgrades: Multiple schedulers, user-defined IDs, maintenance, and high-priority jobs.
  • DynaChange Rules: Read-only fields, checkboxes, and more.
  • Mass Updates: Now available in three new windows: Customer Part Number Maintenance, Salesrep Maintenance, and Location Maintenance.
  • Performance Boost: Faster calculations, up to 90%, for non-stock items in PO Requirements/Generation.

Regulatory and Global Updates

Retail Delivery Fees (CO/MN)

Retail Delivery Fees are state-mandated fees that customers pay in certain circumstances related to deliveries. In Prophet 21, you can assess and track these fees, assigning them to invoices where appropriate. Colorado implemented a retail delivery fee on July 1, 2022, and Minnesota is imposing a new retail delivery fee effective July 1, 2024. An overview of the Retail Delivery Fee functionality can be found in EpicWeb on the Documentation page. Detailed documentation will be available in the Help & Support panel and via video in the Epicor Learning Center July 1.

Carta Porte 3.0 (MX)

Prophet 21 now includes additional information in the Carta Porte form to ensure compliance with Carta Porte version 3.0.

Prompt VAT Reduction (UK)

Create terms for both customers and vendors that claim a discount for paying the full VAT amount early. You can create and assign these terms just like any other terms. Although you define standard terms for customers and vendors that apply to all orders by default, you can use different VAT terms for individual transactions if appropriate.

Upgrade Today!

Unlock a world of possibilities. Don't miss out on these game-changing features and upgrade to Prophet 21 release 2024.1 today.