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Celebrating Customer Innovation and Excellence

Epicor Champion Circle Awards 2024, Europe

July 01, 2024

At Insights Europe 2024, we honoured a few of our outstanding customers. We are proud to present the five winners of the Epicor European Champion Circle Awards 2024:

Manufacturing Champion: Rutland Plastics Ltd

Rutland Plastics Ltd excel in plastic injection moulding, offering comprehensive services from design and prototyping to mould-making, machining, and assembly. Rutland Plastics have a steadfast dedication to building strong partnerships with their customers and suppliers while driving investment across the business.

Their implementation of Epicor Advanced MES for energy monitoring has revolutionised their shop floor operations, enabling them to monitor Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), run rates, scrap, yield, and energy consumption. The Rutland Plastics team have excelled in their focus upon enabling efficiency and quality while providing real-time analysis for optimal production performance. In addition, their warehouse benefits from Epicor Mobile Warehouse, to optimise workflows and inventory management.

Rutland Plastics demonstrate a commitment to embed eco-friendly principles across their operations, highlighting that quality production and environmental responsibility are not mutually exclusive but can be harmoniously achieved.

Rutland Plastics Ltd are worthy winners of our Epicor Manufacturing Champion Award.

Innovation Champion: Progressive Technology Group

Progressive Technology Group exemplifies innovation, utilising Epicor Kinetic in a 24/7 production environment for cutting-edge, high-specification manufacturing. They pride themselves on excelling in complex, small-batch production, delivering high-quality finished components within challenging lead times.

A notable innovation is their use of QR codes with Epicor Kinetic, for ease of transmitting information to their customers, automating a once manual process. The company’s commitment to innovation extends to waste reduction, highlighted in the additive manufacturing powder recycling process they have spearheaded.

Progressive Technology is also one of the first UK companies to commercially print magnesium, a lightweight yet highly combustible material. This advancement is crucial as it results in lighter components and reduced fuel consumption in the aerospace industry.

With their cutting-edge technological integration and unwavering commitment to quality, Progressive Technology earns the title of Epicor Innovation Champion. Beyond technological advancements they are also investing in the next generation of engineers through their apprenticeship academy training centre, helping ensure a future-ready workforce.

Transformation Champion: DMN-WESTINGHOUSE

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE, a global leader in rotary and diverter valves, specialize in providing high-end, custom-made solutions for their unique customer needs. They are headquartered in The Netherlands with an extensive global network including dedicated distribution partners and advanced sales and production facilities in The Netherlands, Germany, the USA, India, UK, and France. ​

Addressing the complexities of global supply chains and compliance standards, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE partnered with Epicor partner, Scherpthe, to unify four out of the seven facilities on Epicor Kinetic. This approach streamlined quoting, sales, pre-production materials planning, scheduling, manufacturing, warehouse logistics, and inventory control. 

The results were impressive: the company achieved operational consistency across their international locations, with a 20% reduction in internal IT and application support costs, and a 35% decrease in support tickets and issues registered.

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE are worthy winners of our Epicor Transformation Champion Award for their excellence in managing global operations.

Global Footprint Champion: Huhtamaki

In an era where sustainability is a key focus for businesses, Huhtamaki stands out by embodying this mission in their operations. Their clear ambition is to be the global leader in sustainable packaging solutions, and they have strategically invested in technology to support this commitment. 

Countries benefiting from Epicor Kinetic include Northern Ireland, France, The Netherlands, and the Czech Republic. Passionate about investing in and upskilling their workforce, they have developed strong capabilities to self-manage their Epicor solutions.

Huhtamaki value Epicor Kinetic for its flexibility and customisation options, which empower their internal teams to resolve most technical issues in-house. ​In addition to this, Huhtamaki have made use of the Epicor Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) solution to meet complex supply chain planning needs helping to reduce waste in their operations.   

Huhtamaki has earned the Epicor Global Footprint Champion Award for their commitment to their strategic implementation of technology, and their forward-thinking approach to global expansion.

Executive Champion: Audiotonix

Audiotonix is a global market leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of professional audio mixing consoles and ancillary products. A dynamic business with twelve brands and growing, they embarked on a journey to achieve a comprehensive 360-degree view of their operations. The goal was to eliminate siloed systems, improve visibility and control, and drive results. ​ By leveraging Epicor Kinetic deployed in the cloud alongside additional Epicor technology, this future-forward industry leader is setting new standards for a unified enterprise.

Epicor Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) helps ensures an accurate, speedy financial close, offering consolidated management. Epicor Kinetic and Epicor Mobile Warehouse provide real-time inventory views and improved processes. With the addition of cycle counting and rigorous inventory management, teams across the business are now enjoying the benefits of increased accuracy and efficiency. 

Customer ease remains a top priority for Audiotonix. By integrating Kinetic with Zendesk via Epicor Automation Studio, they aim to revolutionise their customer support process, eliminating duplicate data entry, and streamlining operations.

Audiotonix is paving the way towards a single source of truth across their enterprise and are worthy winners of our Epicor Executive Champion Award.

Celebrating Excellence in Innovation

As we conclude our spotlight on this year’s award winners, it’s evident that each of these industry leaders shares a common vision: to harness the power of technology to drive growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. From transformative financial solutions to seamless operational integrations, these champions exemplify what it means to lead by strategic foresight. We congratulate all our winners for their outstanding achievements and look forward to seeing how their continued effort will shape the future of their industries. Here’s to a future filled with continued success and groundbreaking advancements.

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