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Tile wholesalers may face the toughest challenges within the business supply industry. You're not only tracking detailed information like color lots and shades, product, import, and labor costs, but also managing it across several customer segments:

  • Vendors and retailers
  • Homeowners
  • Builders and contractors
  • Architects
  • Tile specifiers

Streamlining the process of managing the endless flow of supplies and information is vital to your business.



Industry-Specific Functionality

Tile distribution is unlike any other industry. That’s why Prophet 21 fits—it’s developed with the functionality to track and manage samples and remnants, popularity trends, accessory items, and slabs of stone moving through the warehouse. One of its many features is vessel and container tracking to provide insights about the location of your tile order and when you can expect to receive it. Another unique capability offered is dye lot tracking—so you can match the correct dye with the right tile orders. Prophet 21 is built by a technology provider that understands your needs and how to achieve your goals.

Increased Profits

Balance what your customers need and maximize your return on investment at the same time. Epicor’s distribution software enables smart inventory management and automated business processes so you can reduce operating costs and realize a greater impact on the bottom line.

Strengthen Partnerships

Delivering a world-class customer experience strengthens relationships and increases customer loyalty.

Our best-of-breed solution makes it easy to manage relationships with vendors, homeowners, contractors, architects and specifiers. Keep customers and partners informed and engaged. And maximize every opportunity to grow each relationship.

Challenges Solved for Tile Distributors

Epicor Prophet 21 for Tile Distributors

Epicor Prophet 21 helped this Arizona-based tile distributor break free of manual processes. Arizona Tile is now operating up-to-the-minute across all stores, giving customers accurate information they can rely on, and boosting sales.

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