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Time to Move to Epicor

NetSuite for Distribution sounded right for you. But the lack of integration soon became a problem. Implementation means dealing with third parties, and deployment is cloud only. With vertical knowledge lacking and specific feature sets below par, it’s not the solution you need.

If you’ve been struggling with NetSuite, you’re not alone. That’s why so many distributors are switching to Epicor. With us you’ll get a ready-made solution, fully integrated and with all the functionality and deployment choices you need. It’s no wonder Epicor is now the market leader in many distribution sectors.

Collage of Kinetic and Prophet 21 interface screen shots

Why Distributors Choose Us

We Do Durables Distribution Better

Epicor for Distribution solutions are built for your vertical. Unlike NetSuite and others, we know a generic solution won’t meet your needs. If you’re distributing durables such as electricals, HVAC and machinery, talk to us today.

It’s An Epicor World

Our solutions are managed and supported by experts who speak your language and understand your specific needs. It’s global meets local, and it works. That’s why we’re trusted by more than 27,000 businesses worldwide, including major global brands.


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We’d love to tell you more about why switching to Epicor makes better sense than sticking with NetSuite. Why not get in touch with our sales team today?

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