Automation, Smart Data and Workforce Shortages

With customers moving to bolster their supply chains following the Covid pandemic, Australian manufacturers are crying out for the skilled staff they need to expand. 

Every manufacturer whether they are producing industrial machinery, fabricating sheet metal, in the automotive sector or in high technology areas such as medical devices is short of 10, 20 even 50 or more staff.

Many are turning to technology in the form of automation or digitising their businesses and utilising the latest ERP software to boost efficiencies and make better use of their people.

Others are tackling softer issues such as retaining and upskilling their existing staff and forging links with education providers be they high schools, VET colleges or universities to secure the best recruits. 

@AuManufacturing and Epicor hosted an online webinar discussing automation, smart data and workforce shortages.

Peter Roberts, editor at @AuManufacturing moderated the panel discussion, joined by esteemed guests and experts from the industry, manufacturing CEOs, of the ways they are tackling skills shortage and other top industry challenges.

This event was proudly supported by Epicor.