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Automation, flexibility and scalability

Federal Oats leverage Epicor Kinetic deployed in the cloud to automate manual processes, reduce paperwork and streamline the collection, storage, management, and interpretation of data—achieving greater efficiencies across their day-to-day business activities. Process automation enables users to focus more on operations and productivity improvements to support the business expansion plans.

Epicor Kinetic enables data integration for Federal Oats, to create a single source of truth and avoid data duplication and data inconsistency. Data synchronicity between all departments ensures data quality for the Order to Cash Cycle, Procure to Pay Cycle, and Job Order Cost Cycle. This enables the Federal Oats users to easily access the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.

“Epicor Kinetic deployed in the cloud offers flexibility and scalability to our operations, and users have all the necessary access to the cloud ERP resources anytime, anywhere. The solution also makes our operations run seamlessly and has been supporting our teams to work from home, worry free from cybersecurity threats and backups of data” says Michael Chew Kian Hong, Deputy Managing Director of Federal Oats Mills.

There are many aspects of Epicor Kinetic which positively impact the day-to-day operations at Federal Oats. Advance Material Management supports barcode functionality to generate Packaging Components ID (PCID) for materials and products travel throughout the operating cycle. The barcode scanners play a critical role in automating data collection in operations, reducing data entry errors, increasing data collection speed across receiving, picking, shipping, and inventory management activities. Barcoding technology ensures the team can track inventory movements in real-time with complete control. The Fulfillment Workbench helps drive efficiency in allocation and distribution processing and results in more effective picking of materials, and products to fulfill the Job Order and Sales Order. Using Method of Manufacturing (MOM), the Federal Oats team can plan and communicate the requirements for purchase of materials, production of goods, and sale of products with a greater degree of control, ensuring on-time customer deliverables to better support the business goals.


Company Facts


  • Manual processes and lack of data integration across different systems
  • No single source of truth to support business expansion plans


  • Streamlined process automation, improved data quality, data integration, and data synchronicity to drive operational efficiencies across the business
  • Improved inventory management, traceability, allocation, and distribution
  • More accurate and efficient planning and scheduling as a result of improved data accuracy and visibility
  • Enabled remote working
  • Reduced overheads for server management and data back-ups plus reduced risk of cybersecurity threats
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