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Epicor Prophet 21 Helps Radwell International Overcome Industry Disruptions and Rise in eCommerce

Radwell International is headquartered in New Jersey and known for being an industrial distributor with a large line of industrial automation products. Radwell currently serves customers globally and has offices in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Established in 1979, this family-owned company is known for offering a 2-year warranty and industrial electronic repairs. They are also a centralized source of buying, reconditioning, and testing obsolete products that are hard to find in the marketplace. A recent innovation, a robotic warehouse, was one of the biggest ways that Radwell increased efficiencies and sales across the board, while improving the ability to service their customers.

Simplifying the systems

Before that point, the company had multiple systems to support their needs, rather than something centralized. With information scattered all over the place, they knew that they needed a turnkey solution. That's why Radwell partnered with Epicor and implemented the Prophet 21 ERP system, a cloud-ready business system for distributors.

After Radwell began utilizing Epicor, they had— as John Janthor, the Vice President of Information Technology, put it— "one source of the truth." Everything from their inventory management to invoicing their accounting functionality was covered by the Prophet 21 system. It was the system that they chose because it was the only software with everything in one package.

Here's how it works: The system stores 50,000 bins in a small space. When an order comes through, it is dispatched to the Swisslog warehouse system through Prophet 21. It is in then immediately delivered to a picker, who stands at a station and the product comes to them. They turn around, put it in a box, and it goes to their automatic labeling and shipping system. "It's been a huge increase in efficiency," Janthor said.

Competing with the big guns

At the most basic level, Epicor allows Radwell International to scan, capture, retrieve and store documents digitally in a central location. Having this content stored and accessible electronically allowed their entire organization to improve collaboration, increase efficiency, and enhance security

"We've been able to process orders faster. We've been able to collect cash faster," Janthor said. "We have been able to grow revenue more efficiently."

One of Radwell International's biggest challenges is competing with industry giants like Amazon. Yet now, with a 30 to 40% faster pick ratio, the organization can offer same-day shipping. As a result, the company can use the energy that was spent on picking and use it to scale the business. Now their stellar customer service makes them stand out from the big box competition.

Attracting top talent

Partly in thanks to Epicor, Radwell International is now at the forefront of new technology in their industry. For example, their robotic warehousing system is one of the first in the country. This not only fuels the company's growth, but it also attracts new talent.

"Our new workforce is coming out of school with the skills and the desire to work with the newest technology," Janthor said. "They adapt to it really quickly, and they love it."

While it's a competitive job market out there, Janthor believes that this new tech, partnered with their community-centered culture, is a recipe for maximum employee retention. "We've got a great community," Janthor said. "This is the type of place where people really want to work."

Epicor Solutions


Prophet 21


  • Location: Willingboro, NJ
  • Industry: Industrial Distribution


  • Managing 35 different global systems
  • Slow shipping
  • Difficulty scaling


  • 30 to 40% faster pick ratio
  • Same-day shipping
  • Quicker customer service
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