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Episode 27: The ARM Institute’s Ira Moskowitz on Making Robotics Accessible

June 06, 2024

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Meet Ira Moskowitz, CEO, Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute

“If we offshore manufacturing, we offshore our manufacturing innovation, and therefore, we offshore a lot of our design innovation as well. And then, of course, the COVID pandemic showed us what happens when your supply chains get tight because they are overseas, and they're not domestic, and you lose control.”

As the CEO of The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute, also known as the ARM Institute, Ira Moskowitz has learned how manufacturing and innovation are heavily intertwined. Although it might have previously made sense to offshore the task of manufacturing, with ever-expanding globalization, technological advances, and sustainability efforts, it has become clear that has changed. In fact, manufacturing needs more innovation than ever before. Ira and the rest of the members of the ARM Institute would say that robotics is an excellent place to start.

The ARM Institute is a leader in the Manufacturing USA Network and is revolutionizing the future of manufacturing by integrating people with robotics to tackle national challenges and to create great products. Each of the 17 members of the Network focuses on a different discipline, but all have the same mission. This mission is to accelerate both the development and the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies across the country and train the workforce in those technologies. For the ARM Institute, that means robotics and automation and, increasingly, artificial intelligence as applied to robotics.

In This Episode

In this episode of the Manufacturing the Future podcast, weI interview Ira Moskowitz, CEO of the ARM Institute, who talks about how they are helping to make robotics more accessible to businesses of all sizes. Ira also touches on the importance of fostering education in robotics, sharing inspiring success stories and emphasizing the rewarding nature of a career in this field.


  • The ARM Institute's mission to integrate robotics with human labor to tackle national manufacturing challenges and innovate product creation.
  • The importance of training the workforce in robotics to meet the future demands of the manufacturing industry.
  • How being part of the ARM Institute consortium provides access to leading minds, networking opportunities, and cutting-edge research in robotics and automation.
  • Efforts to make robotics technology accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises, including the Robotics Manufacturing Hub initiative in Pittsburgh.
  • The role of collaborative robots (cobots) in improving manufacturing efficiency and safety while creating more engaging jobs for human workers.
  • Differentiating between generative AI and AI in robotics, and the importance of intelligent robots in future manufacturing environments. 


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