Australian aged care system is facing a transformational era

Australia begins to realise that the aged care system needs to change. Here’s why:

With enhanced competitive pressures, an ageing population with unique needs and wants, and a changing legislative and funding landscape, the aged care industry is approaching a new era.

  • By 2061 almost one in four Australians will be 65 and over, measuring up to 10.6 million people. If we don’t change something quickly, it will have a devastating impact on an aged care system already under financial stress.

Change however presents opportunities for innovation and growth. Successful organisations of the future will be those that effectively balance commercial imperatives with a quality of care that places residents at the centre of everything they do.

As the industry approaches its ‘Aged Care 2.0’ moment, it is important that your organisation has well-defined strategic plans, and your key internal stakeholders are aligned to the organisation’s vision.

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