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Are you seeking real-time OEE data that can be seamlessly integrated into your CMS/ Production Manager system?  With accelerator applications from Sage Clarity, an Epicor partner, you will find that ABLE’s auto-tagging logic solution will provide a new layer of analytics for the plant floor to management. The ABLE application has the highest possible data fidelity through use of templates, fault learning, and overall root cause.


Join us and see how accelerator applications can provide OEE and MES lightweight solutions for your manufacturing needs—and learn about our special pricing incentives.


What is ABLE?

ABLE is a no-code service that operates in between the automation layer and the MES/ERP/Cloud. It allows rapid modeling of equipment cells, connected lines, process equipment across a broad span of manufacturing environments. It requires no programming at the control layer as it pulls raw data from the equipment and coalesces states, reasons, counts using a configurable template-oriented logic engine. 

  • Fault learning from the machines with no operator interaction needed
  • Calculating uptime and downtime per machine as well as per line in sequence with rich data that is organically adopted by users – from the plant floor to the executive team
  • Next generation manufacturing tools so you can focus on production output
  • Automatic alerts and notifications that empower your team to evaluate downtime reasons for an OEE uplift
  • 15% Improvement in Production Within 6 Months
  • 70% Reduction in Engineering Time
  • 5X Improvement in Data Fidelity
  • Speed to Value: Approx. 4 Weeks (Per Site)
  • Enterprise Visibility of Downtime and Performance
  • Real-time Visibility of Minor Stops
  • Cost Savings and Capital Avoidance
  • Cloud Deployment for Ease of Implementation and Maintenance
  • Digital Transformation Tied to Cultural Transformation
  • And much more!


How to ABLE?

Sage Clarity’s ABLE application communicates with machines directly, but also seamlessly integrates into the CMS database. The results provide rich and consistent data across machines and plants along with out-of-the box KPI reporting for OEE.

  • Automatically pulls fault codes from machines to propagate uptime and downtime.
    • Minor stops, equipment failures, operations failures, process failures, changeovers, and performance/ quality losses.
  • Real time analytics and factory view of asset health.
    • Mean Time Between Failure, Mean Time to Repair, Downtime, Stoppage
  • Automatic notifications if an issue arises.
  • Powerful applications that can be tied directly into your CMS application.
  • Low-code, powerful tools that empower your operations.
  • Anything that is important to you that you need to know.

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