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Hear how Canadian thought leaders are addressing today's chaotic market of constraints and inflation.

Join us for a Q&A panel discussion lead by Kristin Valentyn, Sr. Director - Strategic Alliances and Influencers, where thought leaders will share Industry best practices and use-cases that have effectively addressed today’s chaotic market of constraints and inflation.

You will get a chance to hear from key consultants and gain insights that can be translated into actionable strategies to affect positive change in your organization. You will leave with ideas on how to minimize disruption while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Featured Panelists

Jonathan-Gross.png Mehdi-Aftahi.png Alex-Miles.png
Neal Chaudhary

CTO & Founder - Red Pill Labs
Johnathan Gross

Managing Director - Pemeco
Mehdi Aftahi

CTO - Technololgy Evaluation Centers
Alex Miles

Senior Associate - 180 Systems

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