Epicor Acquires Smart Software for AI-Powered Inventory Planning & Optimization Technologies

Austin, TX May 01, 2024

Epicor, a global leader of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, today announced it has acquired Smart Software, a leading provider of cloud-based, AI-driven inventory planning and optimization (IP&O) applications, and an existing Epicor ISV partner. The acquisition accelerates Epicor’s delivery of best-in-class ERP solutions that provide practical application of AI across the spectrum of business operations for the make, move, and sell industries. Financial terms were not disclosed.

“In today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving supply chain landscape, effective inventory management is critical for success,” said Epicor CEO Steve Murphy. “The Smart Software acquisition further accelerates our focus in transforming traditional ERP from a system of record to a system of action, giving Epicor customers AI-powered capabilities to turn inventory into a competitive asset that helps drive up customer service levels and drive down costs.”

Smart Software’s Smart IP&O platform is an intuitive, cloud-based portfolio of technologies that leverages patented, probabilistic AI and machine learning models to deliver superior forecasting and “what if” analysis. These models run thousands of simulations of outcomes to deliver precise predictions and avoid unrealistic assumptions, enabling users to better predict demand, stockout risks, and costs. This improves forecasting accuracy, helps users quickly identify and correct inventory imbalances, predict future operational performance, and track actuals. Customers also can use “what if” analysis to test and risk-adjust stocking policies to ensure alignment with their strategic objectives, as well as leverage the platform’s AI to prescribe optimal policies that will yield the highest financial return.

As an existing Epicor ISV partner, Smart Software solutions are already integrated with several Epicor ERP platforms, extending functionality to help users make informed, strategic inventory decisions that align with their business goals. Additional benefits include:

  • AI-Driven Operational Efficiency: With this acquisition, Epicor customers can strengthen and streamline inventory management processes, ensuring optimal stock levels. By eliminating manual data entry/data prep and automating demand forecasting while accounting for trends, seasonality, and intermittency, businesses can optimize cost savings, improve resource utilization, and run smoother operations.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction and Lifetime Value: Leveraging Smart Software and AI technology, Epicor’s solutions can minimize stockout situations so that products are available when customers need them, enhancing the customer experience and boosting customer loyalty and lifetime value.

  • Best-in-Class Inventory Optimization and Cash Flow: With Smart Software, Epicor customers can strengthen their ability to balance inventory levels and optimize working capital. By preventing excess stock and minimizing the creation of obsolete or slow-moving inventory, businesses can free up funds that would otherwise be tied to inventory. Additionally, Smart Software contributes to efficient cash flow management, promoting overall financial health and viability.

“As a long-time Epicor ISV partner, we’re closely aligned in delivering customers the AI-powered technologies they need to improve forecast accuracy and optimize inventory levels,” said Smart Software President Greg Hartunian. “We’re excited to join Epicor and continue our journey in driving innovation across the supply chain industries.”

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Aaron Masterson

Global Head of Corporate Communications



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