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What to Consider When Looking for Omnichannel Retail Solutions

Find a technology partner that supports you while you support your customers—at every stage of the purchase journey.

May 08, 2023

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From browsing a website on their phone, to ordering items online and picking them up in-store, to strolling the aisles of a favorite local business, customers view shopping as an activity that’s woven into the convenience and opportunities of their everyday lives. The lines between working, playing, browsing, and buying have blurred, and the new canvas that results—often referred to as omnichannel retail—is here to stay. Smart retailers are embracing the challenges and potential of omnichannel—which often means purchasing or upgrading a retail management solution (RMS) to help navigate this exciting landscape.

If you’re considering an RMS to help your business drive results with omnichannel, here are four things to keep in mind as you seek a solutions partner:

1. Have they embraced the cloud?

More and more, retailers are embracing cloud technology for reasons of versatility, convenience, security, and value. Storing your all-important data in the cloud means it’s monitored and maintained 24/7 by experts, protected at extremely high-security facilities, and freeing up your employees to do what they do best—serve your customers. Even if you aren’t ready to fully commit to the cloud with your new RMS right away, it’s a good idea to choose a solution that has the potential for cloud adaptability down the road.

2. Are they inventory-savvy?

As with most aspects of retail, inventory drives outcomes in omnichannel. Especially for those businesses with multiple locations, choosing an RMS with robust inventory capabilities is key to getting the product mix, customer interest, and sales numbers you want. Customers expect to learn immediately what’s in stock, or how quickly they can order it. To strengthen your omnichannel program, select an RMS that gives you big-picture inventory views, as well as the ability to streamline pricing, labeling, and stocking tasks for your employees.

3. Do they have the right tools to strengthen your rewards program?

A strong customer loyalty program not only shows your shoppers that you appreciate their business, it’s a great vehicle for leveraging customer data to move certain products, suggest new items they might enjoy, and to make complementary product recommendations at checkout (either in-store or online). A robust omnichannel RMS will allow you to immediately retrieve loyalty program data, trigger reminder emails or other forms of communication about potential purchases, and generate product information at any point-of-sale (POS). This is especially true for retailers using mobile POS, which many businesses view as an essential component of future success.¹ An effective rewards program is one that rewards you back—in greater customer engagement, increased sales, and invaluable data that helps drive your inventory mix.

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4. Do they give you full-circle support for your new solution?

From your initial meeting to go-live and well after, your RMS partner should be there for every step of your implementation journey. Whether you’re a long-time user or training your entire staff for the first time, you should have access to quick answers, online or in-person training, and opportunities for employees to enhance their knowledge at their own pace. With so many channels and moving parts, a successful omnichannel retail program requires a solid RMS and an equally solid support structure to make sure each element of the new solution is efficient and effective.

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