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Core Financial Management

Reduce costs, improve cash flow, and master budget planning. Better visibility into the financial state of your business starts here: Kinetic (new name for Epicor ERP) Financials. With simple licensing and powerful capabilities, Kinetic can help you streamline essential financial processes.

  • Start achieving better financial visibility and control right away
  • Manage general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable
  • Add asset management, payroll, multi-site, and multi-currency options based on your needs

To learn more, get the Fact sheet, download the overview brochure, or go more in-depth with the short video.

Financial Reporting

Enhanced Reporting for Empowered Decisions

Create reports that impress, illustrate, and enlighten. Kinetic financial reporting options bring clarity to business intelligence, so you can act with confidence.

Global Business Management

Powerful Features for International Business

You’re doing business around the globe. We designed Kinetic to support you with powerful features like multi-currency, multi-site, and multi-company options all on a cloud platform.

Learn More about Global Business Management

Mobile Time and Expense Management

Apps for Your Mobile Workforce

Epicor mobile apps integrate with project management, payroll, and general ledger in Kinetic so your workforce can enter hours spent and costs incurred when they happen, wherever they are.

  • Apps available free from Epicor on Android and iOS
  • Approve and report remote and offline work
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Enterprise Content Management

Streamline Productivity with Proven Processes

This is how you cut costs and improve productivity for everyone across your organization. Epicor Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is scalable, cloud-based, and processes content with automated workflows—from any device, anywhere in the world.

  • Automatically extract and store key data with intelligent data capture
  • Enables sales order automation
More about Epicor ECM

Kinetic Credit Card Processing

Modern, Affordable Payment Processing

Epicor’s web-based payment platform integrates with Kinetic, giving you access to complete authorization, settlement and reporting with Level 3 compliance.

  • High speed connection to processors eliminates delays
  • Epicor is a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant Service Provider (gateway, tokenization and encryption services)
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Project Management

Sophisticated Tools to Manage and Improve Project Efficiency

  • Get control of your project accounting, contracts, or subcontracts
  • Improve cash flow and forecasting
  • Integrate seamlessly with general ledger and payroll
  • Works with mobile time and expense apps for instant expense reporting

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Manager using desktop computer

Revenue Collections

Manage your credit and collections with Epicor Cash Collect.

  • Automate accounts receivable and credit and collections
  • Streamline invoice dispute management, cash forecasting, customer communications, invoice presentment, online bill pay, and credit management
  • Reduce days sales outstanding
  • Increase working capital and back-office efficiency
Cash Collect

Sales Tax Management

Simplify Sales and Use Tax

There’s enough to think about when it comes to managing a business. Make sales tax one less thing. Reduce financial risk by automating sales and use, excise, GST, VAT, and other tax types. Epicor Tax Connect, powered by Avalera, works with Kinetic to help you simplify.

  • Keep up with rate changes with an industry-leading solution
  • Cover 16,000 US and Canadian tax jurisdictions
  • Free up your IT and finance teams to focus on growth activities
Learn more about Epicor Tax Connect
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