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Why AI Matters Now

Recent innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) have sent ripples across various sectors. From supply chain management to customer experience, AI’s disruptive potential is undeniable. Epicor delivers a people-centric insight advantage while keeping your employees at the forefront, with AI that is easy to use, practical, outcome-focused, and responsible. Epicor AI combined with our industry-proven data platforms helps you drive innovation across your organization to deliver value for team members, customers, partners, and suppliers. By weaving AI into the fabric of our industry-expert solutions, Epicor helps ensure that businesses stay agile, competitive, and ready for the promise of the “what’s next.” Our people-centric AI- and ML-powered solutions address these primary challenges:

  • Complex business operations
  • Data privacy and intellectual property concerns in AI deployment
  • Inaccurate financial forecasting leading to poor decision-making
  • Manual document classification and data capture
  • Accessing industry insights
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Enhanced Predictive Analysis

Epicor FP&A utilizes AI and ML to transform financial and operational data, offering insights from diverse sources, including ERP and SCM systems. This facilitates improved forecasting accuracy and strategic planning, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions

Operational Efficiency and Automation

The AI@Work component of Epicor Automation Studio, powered by Workato, optimizes operations by interpreting your natural language requests and automating multifaceted workflows. Meanwhile, Epicor IDC uses its AI-driven capabilities to scan, capture, and classify documents, substantially reducing manual entry and enhancing data accuracy, leading to significant time savings and improved operational efficiency.

Improved User Experience

AI-driven tools significantly enhance your user journey by providing intuitive interfaces and tailored experiences. Epicor Agent, with its Azure AI foundation and interface to Azure OpenAI, not only understands and responds to user queries through natural language processing but also aids in answering complex questions, making interactions more streamlined. By predicting user needs, offering timely suggestions, and automating routine tasks, AI ensures that you spend more time efficiently interacting with software solutions.

Challenges We Help Solve