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Empowering Manufacturers with Indispensable Insights

Centralize key manufacturing insights and transform them into financial goals with real-time reports and dashboards in Kinetic business intelligence solutions. You’ll gain flexibility, improve operational efficiency, and boost performance while building a more connected enterprise.

  • Leverage real-time production monitoring and alerts
  • Obtain reliable, real-time reporting and tracking
  • Democratize data with self-service analytics and interactive visualizations
  • Quickly diagnose issues with intuitive data discovery
  • Use predictive tools for future demand planning and inventory control


Put Data at The Core of Your Decisions

Eliminate data silos by equipping your teams with user-friendly analytics for independent data exploration. Boost productivity with a clear view of your entire manufacturing operation.

Indispensable Insights for Continuous Improvement

Stay one step ahead of changing markets with BI and analytics that drive operational efficiency, reduce waste, and improve predictive maintenance.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Boost operations, enhance quality, and anticipate customer and supply chain changes with enterprise data and predictive analytics. Stand out from the crowd with BI solutions that tackle today’s challenges while building tomorrow’s business.

Essential Features

70% of frontline workers say their company prioritizes upskilling.

Find out how investing in technology and employees can boost morale—and your bottom line.


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